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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Whether we can live up to 800 years?

On the pages of Internet resource describes the main results of genetics, which have been achieved in 2007.
Soon all of us, unless, of course, he so chooses, will be able to extend the duration of their lives for hundreds of years. True, it will have to make some adjustments in our DNA. At least Steve Connor tells about the revolutionary opening, which already has caused divisions in the scientific world.
In California, researchers managed to create genetically modified living organism that can live 10 times longer than it released nature. This achievement is the greatest extension of life, which has so far been achieved investigating mechanisms of ageing specialists.

The life of a length in 800 years is not only possible but inevitable - so the scientist believes Valter Longo, a representative of a small but influential group of specialists in the field. The University of Southern California it is his work led to the creation of the world yeast strain of fungus, which can live 10 weeks, and sometimes longer. At first sight - nothing startling, but the fact is that initially this nature glands in the normal condition was released maximum week of life.
Valtera Longo results of the study to be published in the journal Public Library of Science Genetics this week, suggest that the scientist was able to extend to ten times of normal life yeast cells used by bakers and brewers. To do so, he had deleted from the genome and gene mold two to put his unguarded diet.

Colossal difference between yeast cells and the human body has not prevented Longo and his colleagues to express their direct relation to the study of aging and longevity of human beings. Talking about his work, Longo said: "We are laying the foundation for reprogramming the body to a healthy life. If we can understand how the mechanism of longevity, it could be applied to all cells of any living organism… We are very, very far from having to extend human life to 800 years. I think it is not so difficult to be extended up to 120 lives, while maintaining health, but at some point, I think people will probably prolong life to 800 years. I do not believe that for any organism exists an upper limit for life ".

This leads one to ask that something similar is happening in the world of people, and that many representatives of mankind die earlier than is necessary.

"A programmed aging rights - this is just a hypothesis. we do not yet know whether it is true - continues Longo thoughts. - But if yeast fungus programmed aging, and metabolic mechanism is very similar to the human, that is it can not be that people die before too long? ".

Walter Longo said that so far no one has been able to prove his theory inadmissible programmed death. But it is quite possible that these heretical speculations can fill a bowl of patience rest of the scientific world.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Different drugs are needed

In order for a drug to the patient dobralos body preservation, come dozens of ways. To cope with the disease helped us injections, tablets, candles, plaster, aerosols. Whether justified such diversity dosage forms or so tweaks pharmaceutical firms? How to choose the most appropriate means?

All dosage forms, which can be found in pharmacies, really necessary. For example (lumineers), while it may be necessary to easily nedomoganii drug, in tablet, and to withdraw the evidence of an acute attack only by intramuscular introduction of the same drug. Thus, all known nitroglycerine appears as normal and podyazychnyh tablets, injections and plaster.
Key to any form of drug-drug help to be at the right time in the right place. And, in each group of drugs is considered a better form, which ensures maximum impact, coupled with minimal side effects. Alas, but many substances, hitting a body, not behave as would farmakologam. On the one taking place unwanted biochemical transformations other belt too fast or, conversely, too slow.

The most difficult is to hit "in Zehn", ie, the impact of drugs on receptors only sick body. For example, the medicine, which is appointed with anthrax, ideally, should viewer just to the Market rather than "razmazatsya" across the stomach. New technologies, which develops science, allow the dream closer to reality Pharmacy. Thus, a special technique invented "transporting drugs" anti-drugs. As is known, these drugs stop the growth of cancer cells. But in the process, they are suppressing all divisions of the new cells, which are considered dangerous side effect. To tablet or injection is not "boots" the whole organism, the medicine is placed in an inactive form, after which the patient authority to influence electromagnetic radiation. As a result, drug, activated only in the right place - in the region of the tumor.
In some cases, requires that the medicine infiltrated to the point of destination "bypassing" of a body. Thus the body infiltrated all kinds of ointments and gels. They come through the skin into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver. In this markedly reduced toxic drug effects on the body. Most of medicinal substance must be protected from turning to happen with him in the stomach and duodenal intestine. There, under the influence of digestive and pancreatic juice and bile may collapse as a medicine or heavily modified. To this has not happened tablets hidden in the shell, which resolved only in the intestine.

Sometimes the need to maintain a certain concentration of drugs in the blood for a long, and sometimes you need a powerful short-term effect. Depending on the drugs that exist in varying speeds release medicinal substances. More than 80 per cent of the existing drugs on the market are drugs that come into our body through the digestive system, the so-called enteralnye forms. These are all kinds of pills, Bean, capsules, powders, liquid medicine, Bitters, extracts, candles. A lesser number of drugs produced in parenteralnoy form and entered the body, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. This is intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, ointments, gels, plaster, drops in the nose and eyes, means inhalation.

At the intake velocity, and hence the actions the fastest - intravenous injections, pills podyazychnye, candles and inhalation. When should a single quick impact appointed precisely these forms. Thus, the shock anafilakticheskom introduces adrenaline intravenously. How can we help medications work effectively and on time? Each form of medication requires special treatment. But some rules for their use specialists recommend always abide by: be sure to review annotation to the drug, even though his doctor raspisal scheme reception in a recipe.

Pay attention to the way the admission of drugs-there are different forms of the same drug, for example, podyazychnye, zaschechnye or conventional tablets. It is important not to confuse ih.Esli you do not know what needs to be clapped specific medication, zapeyte its 100 milliliters of water boiled.
Not zapivayte pills milk, tea or coffee, if that is not in bed or prescription annotations.
Any sitting swallow drugs, if possible.
Lezhachemu patient at the time of admission have to lift his head and left in that position for 5-10 minutes.
Capsule take better standing. In the horizontal position the body capsule could prilipnut to wall esophagus and cause inflammation, so after taking the stand or desirable to explore.
Tablets in the envelope has to be chopping razzhevyvat or, if this was not mentioned in the recipe.
Medicinal syrup is extra sugar, colors, aromas. If there is a similar drug, in tablet, it is better to give preference to him.
To comply with the dosage of eye drops to zakapyvaniem then press it into the finger inward angle eyes.
Mazi dressing minimal thin layer (it is so much need for a meaningful therapeutic action), otherwise most of it would be spent in vain.
Injections usually forced measure. If for some reason you do not fit the puncture, discuss with your doctor the possibility of using other dosage forms.
Since the introduction of candles in direct object must polezhat 10-20 minutes, a child-inch pop-handed to the medicine was not from the outside.
Do not ever be afraid to give children Bitter spirit alcohol-there are very few, but most of them are preparing to plant subsistence basis.